This section will document items of interest in the world of ME/CFS, both nationally and internationally. Please click on a link to browse the relevant data.

IiME Conference Presentations

The Invest in ME Conference took place on May 31st last and the conference presentations are now on the Invest in ME website at and also on YouTube.

For convenience, each presentation is listed below. Just click on the relevant link to view the respective talks.

  1. Dr Ian Gibson.
  2. Dr. Elizabeth Unger
  3. Dr Vicky Whittemore
  4. Prof. Maureen Hanson
  5. Prof. Mady Hornig
  6. Prof. Don Staines
  7. Dr David Andersson
  8. Dr Jesper Mehlsen
  9. Prof. Stuart Bevan
  10. Prof. Simon Carding
  11. Prof. Oystein Fluge
  12. Prof. Karl Johan Tronstad
  13. Prof. Nancy Klimas
  14. Dr. Ron Tompkins
  15. Dr Michael VanElzakker
  16. Prof. Ron Davis
  17. Plenary Session


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