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PACE Trial Retraction Petition


The PACE trial was a large scale five year trial funded by the UK government, which found that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and graded exercise therapy (GET) were more effective treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) than specialist medical care (SMC) alone, when each was added to SMC, and more effective than adaptive pacing therapy (APT) when added to SMC.

This Petition by MEAction – see their launch video HERE - calls upon The Lancet to retract the claim made in its February 2011 editorial that 30% of patients were said to have recovered on the PACE trial and retract from that paper all analyses and statements in relation to the “normal ranges” for fatigue and physical function.

Please Sign the Petition HERE

See Trial By Error by David Tuller HERE

Prof. Michael Sharpe in 2011 on the results of the PACE Trial HERE

The Last Word with Matt Cooper – Prof. Michael Sharpe / Marie Curran HERE

M.E. Analysis – CBT and Recovery HERE

Irish Independent article featuring Vera & Tom Kindlon HERE





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