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Mike’ Marathons

Conratulations and best wishes go to Mike Harley in his attempts to raise funds and awareness for Invest In ME and biomedical research by running a marathon in every EU country, 28 in total.

In 2015, Mike has so far completed the marathons in Prague (May) and Helsinki (August) as well as Dublin (October).

From Mike: “One of my oldest friends, Ian, has been suffering from ME for over 9 years and has been unable to work or lead a normal life.  And as with many people who have ME, a full recovery isn't by any means guaranteed especially where governments continue to mis-diagnose the condition and fail to support clinical trials.

I'll be looking to get as much exposure for Invest In ME as possible and to try to run between 4-6 marathons per year once I'm up to race fitness.  Within each city I'll be looking to make contact with someone within the ME community to raise the profile of the illness and the need for research into treatments”.

You can read Mike’s Race Report from Dublin HERE



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