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THE Chilli M.E. Challenge

The ME Chilli Challenge is an initiative by 4 ladies – Nicola from Ireland, Catherine from the UK, Brenda from Texas, and Lindsey from Los Angeles. Influenced by the highly successful Ice Bucket challenge, these 4 ladies felt that it would be appropriate and timely for the ME community worldwide to endeavor to raise funds for research into ME. There is now a push on to drive this ME Chilli Challenge to this end, with a starting date of May 12th - Florence Nightingale’s birthday and the international date for ME awareness.

Funds will be directed towards biomedical research and specifically to Dr. Ian Lipkin in the US and in Europe to Invest in ME -

Chilli M.E. Challenge pages at   &

Text line in Ireland is 50300.

So what to do – Take a snap of a friend taking a bite from a chilli and post it on your Facebook page. Also nominate 5 friends to do likewise. Please note that it is not the intention of the organisers that ME sufferers themselves undertake the ME Chilli Challenge.

The Irish ME Trust are in place as a conduit for funds to be directed to the Invest in ME research programs.

For text donations in Ireland of €4 – Text HOT to 50300 
100% of your donation goes to the Irish ME Trust across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.25 will go to the Irish ME Trust. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline 076-6805278.

Further explanations on the ME Chilli Challenge can be viewed on the following YouTube videos:





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