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ME/CFS and the Mold Connection

The following is from an ME sufferer who moved away from his apartment in Galway due to Mold.

I was living in Galway City and over the last 10 years, I had many unusual symptoms I now know were related directly to my apartment. Around 6 years ago I progressively started having strange symptoms. Everytime I went to my doctor it was put down to anxiety and panic. This didn't fit my profile but I accepted it and just got on with it. My symptoms progressed and I was left unable to function. I then went and stayed at my mother's house for 3 weeks felt much well, then went back to Galway, but within a week was feeling bad again. I decided to see a therapist and she believed I had something physical going on. I went and stayed with my sister for 6 weeks and felt much better, back to Galway again and within the week felt terrible again. I remember saying to my friends that I felt something in my apartment was making me ill, they thought I was crazy.

I bought a carbon monoxide test, left it there for a week but nothing. I told myself I was being foolish and put it out of my head. Then I ended up being very ill and went to stay with my brother. After 2 months I felt a good 80% better and couldn't wait to get back to Galway. I was back just 2 days when I became very sick again. I went back again to stay with my brother and some 4 months later felt much better once more. I returned to remove my things from the apartment and became very ill within the hour and ended up at the Doctor in a bad state. All blood work and scans were normal yet in front of the doctor I was having fits and multiple symptoms. He was calling it anxiety and panic which frustrated me and made things worse, if that was possible.

I heard Corina Duyn just over a year ago (ME sufferer) speaking on the radio describing her symptoms. That was when I first made the connection with CFS.

Just 3 years ago while out walking I thought to myself that it felt like I had been poisoned. All the symptoms, sinuses , eyesight, breathing, bloated stomach, unbearable pressure headaches. I was allergic to all food and exhausted after walking 100 yards and breathless on a slight hill. It was time to Google. I made a search for a cause of all symptoms and got two answers - ME/CFS and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. I ruled out ME because I felt I had more symptoms than what the Irish ME site described. I then researched hypersensitivity pneumonitis and its cause ? MOLD.

My apartment had several leaks and Mold. I searched for tests that detected infections from exposure to Molds. I found the most advanced Microbiology tests that look only for pathogenic species of mold that grow inside water damaged buildings.

See link

I took it to my doctor to look over and he agreed it looked good so I completed the tests and when they came back, were positive for Mycotoxins and Trichothecenes. I had made my first connection. Then the fungi test came back also positive for over growth of bacteria throughout my body.

I then completed a state of the art NeuroQuant brain scan after consulting with leading biotoxins expert Dr. Richie Shoemaker. He stated it would fingerprint exposures to mold, and it would also tell if it was just anxiety I was dealing with so I thought it was a good idea. He recommended Dr. David Ross as the best expert. Again the scan came back positive, the requirement was 4 out of 8 regions of the brain for a positive result. I had all 8. I had 3 different experts' analysis to confirm it was Mold. Dr David ross NeuroQuant. The NeuroQuant findings are consistent with the recent Stanford CFS brain scan finding on the right side of the brain. And scans from other CFS patients have shown similarities and abnormalities in that area also.

I consulted with world leading expert toxicologist Dr. Jack Thrasher who advice me to see an ENT specialist and what to look for. Dr. Thrasher predicted exactly what would be found - sinus damage and chronic infection.

I would never have expected Mold but it all made sense, the connection was obvious with my previous exposure, my time away from the apartment then going back and getting ill each time. And all tests I completed from different sources showing the cause as Mold Exposure.

I knew nothing about ME/CFS. I was just trying to find what was wrong with me and then I found that thousands of people had very similar symptoms and no diagnosis or ME/CFS. I am not saying this is the cause of everybody's illness but I believe it maybe for many people. Also I think that in the beginning of the illness everybody would have been taking medication for their symptoms and it could have made them much worse.

I refused to take medication after I had been on antidepressants and I feel has given me the edge. I did take antibiotics in the beginning out of desperation which seemed for a few weeks to work but then made things much worse, and even after I had been advised that Antibiotics Contain Mold and could make things worse. I'm only human but I do learn from my mistakes.

The good news is all the advice I have received is working and is very evident when I get a setback.

So for anybody with ME/CFS who can relate to my story - I have put a list of the tests and connections to their validity for you to review and hopefully help you find some answers and maybe a recovery.

Mycotoxins Test:
The validity of the test can be confirmed by checking out these links below.
Dr Nancy Klimas Expert Immunologist NIH at 14.55

Dr Jack Thrasher leading World expert Toxicologist
New Paper by Dr Jack Thrasher
Peoples Experience of Dr Jack Thrasher

Dr Irene Grant Leading world expert Infectious diseases
Read or listen to Dr Irene Grant

Dr Joseph Brewer Infectious disease Mycotoxins,Tricothecenes
Dr Kenny De Meirlier - Read about Mycotoxins end of page Mycotoxins,Tricothecenes

Also of great Importance is this site of Elizabeth Milo, ME Sufferer from Dublin.
She completed Extensive tests all coming back Normal. But her mycotoxins test reveals Tricothecenes ....the same test and result I got!! Scroll down her test list Elisabeth Test List to find these results.

Realtime Labs
11/08/2013: Abdominal ultrasound for upper right quadrant pain. Everything normal. Benign angiomyolipoma on left kidney.
11/13/2013: Mycotoxin urine test ~ Realtime labs:
Ochratoxin 5.25 (1.8-2.0) Positive
Aflatoxin 0.98 (0.8-1.0) Equivocal
Tricothecene 0.53 (0.18-0.2) Positive

Brain Scan Test:NEUROQUANT
Dr David Ross Neuropsychiatrist
NEUROQUANT acceptance in a court of Law
NEUROQUANT how it detects MOLD
Dr James Brewer NEUROQUANT Dr Brewer Explains NEUROQUANT

I hope this can be of help to people and if anyone wants to contact me:


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