M.E. Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome How To Live With It


Frequently Asked Questions

Could my Amalgam Fillings be causing me Problems?
Research has demonstrated that mercury can affect central nervous system functioning, and also has a bad effect on the immune system. It was demonstrated in 1984 that removal of amalgam fillings resulted in a rise in circulating T lymphocytes, whose numbers fell when the amalgam was reinserted. This may be due to hypersensitivity to amalgam fillings. There is certainly plenty of documented evidence of the undesirable results of having such a toxic metal in the mouth. I am not suggesting that mercury toxicity is a cause of M.E. or CFS, but it may contribute to damage to the immune system and increase susceptibility to developing immune dysfunction diseases.

The problem for someone who has been diagnosed as having ME or CFS, who is getting worse and has a lot of old amalgam fillings, is this: Do you ask your dentist to take them all out, and replace them with one of the newer metal free fillings?

1. The process of removing amalgam causes a great release of mercury, and usually the patient feels much worse for some days, maybe longer. In other words, it may induce a severe relapse.
2. The removal needs to be done by a dentist who is aware of the hazards, with special precautions taken to minimise swallowing and inhaling the amalgam. The fillings need to be removed in a particular sequence, depending on which ones are causing the greatest reaction.
3. Some of the replacement materials may cause problems. Ideally the patient needs to be tested for sensitivity to different substitute materials beforehand.
4. Because it is a procedure which causes worsening of symptoms, it is essential to take extra immune-boosting supplements (vitamin A and C, zinc, and calcium pantothenate) before and for several weeks afterwards.

There is an urgent need for more research into the connections between mercury amalgam fillings and immune functioning, the nervous system, and indeed the whole physiology of the body.