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Standing Order Appeal for MERGE

(Orla Ni Chomhrai, Ruth Nolan and Tom Kindlon)

We are making an appeal for people to set up standing orders to MERGE.

MERGE is doing very important work but needs all the support it can get in
order to expand on this work. The charity receives no funding from the
government and is relying totally on charitable donations to help them fund
their research. Getting regular income from standing orders can make it
easier for MERGE to plan for the future.

As part of our appeal we are offering to donate 5 Pounds to MERGE for every
standing order for MERGE, up to 150 standing orders, that gets set up from
February to the end of May 2006.

This means that if 1 standing order for MERGE is set up in this time, MERGE
will receive 5 Pounds from us. If 2 standing orders are set up MERGE will
receive 10 Pounds and so on. If the target of 150 standing orders is
reached, counting from the beginning of February to the end of May 2006,
MERGE will receive a donation of 750 Pounds in total from us.

Please tell MERGE that you are setting up a new Standing Order in response
to this appeal, so that they can keep a tally of the number in order to
claim the 5 Pounds per SO from us.

The standing order form can be downloaded here

or ordered from the MERGE office by ringing 01738 451234.

MERGE funds good quality biomedical research which will help us unravel what
is happening physically to people with ME. We feel, as people who have been
sick respectively for 7 years, 15 years, and 17 years, that the sort of
research that MERGE funds offers us the best hope for our futures. The work
they do will help in the search for effective treatments.

This sort of research is also the best antidote to disbelieving doctors and
family members. Getting more good quality biomedical science published, in
established medical and scientific journals, is the only thing that will
make some people accept what is already obvious to us. Just imagine a life
without comments such as 'I don't believe in it' or 'Does that really
exist?' and all the problems that come with this attitude. Biomedical
research into ME can help get rid of these problems by proving we really are
as sick as we say we are.

We are on disability ourselves so are on very limited income. But we feel
MERGE's work is so important that we are willing to make this (for us) large
donation in order to support them.

Even if you can only afford to donate a small amount each month it is still
worth doing as every little helps in the long run. Together we can make a
difference. A lot of people giving a little adds up to a lot in the end.

Best Wishes,

Orla Ni Chomhrai, Ruth Nolan and Tom Kindlon


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