This section will document items of interest in the world of ME/CFS, both nationally and internationally. Please click on a link to browse the relevant data.

Videos from the IACFS/ME Conference 2016

The following videos are reposted with permisssion from the Norweigan ME Association (Norges ME-forening). Please click on the links below.

Interview with David Tuller at IACFS/ME 2016
The Norwegian ME Association attended the IACFS/ME conference 2016, and spoke to David Tuller about the PACE trial.

Interview with Linda Tannenbaum at IACFS/ME 2016
We talked to Linda Tannenbaum, CEO/President of the Open Medicine Foundation about the foundation, and about the research projects they fund and facilitate.

Impressions from IACFS/ME 2016

We asked researchers and patient advocates at the IACFS/ME conference 2016:
What is the take-home message from this conference?
What did you find most interesting?



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