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This is just to let people know that photos of six of my paintings are going on display in Dublin.

They're the ones that were exhibited in the Arts and disability Forum Christmas show recently, in Belfast. The painting, 'Landscape of the Sun', is going on show at the Bad Art Gallery, yes that's the Bad Art Gallery, Francis street, Dublin, next week, as part of the R.H.A. unselected show. The opening is from 18.00 - 20.00 on Wednesday 9th May if anyone is interested in coming along. The exhibition continues for a month.

All the best,

Alan Murphy.

Artist Statement and Biography
Alan Murphy - Artist and Writer.

Alan was born and lives in Dublin, where he attended Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, majoring in painting. He received a Diploma in Fine Art in 1991. After leaving college, he rented studios in Dublin city centre and contributed paintings and drawings to numerous exhibitions.

In Easter, 1993 he came down with a virus that he never properly recovered from. An ME style condition ensued.

Alan’s paintings have generally tended towards the abstract - a world of signs and symbols dredged from the unconscious. He doesn't begin with fixed ideas but tries to allow his materials to "have their say" and help suggest the mood and content of the work at hand. He works mostly in oil or acrylic and recently painted a series of acrylic works on watercolour paper. He has also done illustration work for his children’s book “The Mona Lisa’s on our Fridge” in the form of collage.

The six paintings below (click on title to reveal) were exhibited at the Arts and Disability Forum Gallery, Belfast, in December 2006 and are available for purchase through the Irish ME Trust.




Down For The Trees

Yellow Sea

Landscape Of The Sun


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