Siobhan's Report

Having been ill for over 3 years I was delighted to see Marie speaking about her story and the treatment she received in a clinic in Cologne. I immediately set about researching the clinic and its treatments. I spoke to Dr Gorter about the clinic and gave him a history of my illness. Having attended many doctors here and tried numerous medications, relaxation techniques etc it gave me great hope to hear that the majority of patients whom he treated had recovered greatly. Within a few weeks I was in Cologne myself.

Any nerves that I may have felt prior to going to Germany soon vanished when I met all of the staff in the clinic and Dr Gorter himself. I immediately felt at ease when I saw so many smiling faces. All of the staff were friendly, helpful and compassionate.

I had an initial consultation with Dr Gorter where we again went through my medical history and he explained in detail what the tests and treatment would entail. He explained everything to me in terms, which I could understand and I was so relieved to find a doctor who fully understood what I was going through. It was great to have a doctor who would deal with all of my symptoms rather than just the ones, which fell into his category.

Dr Gorter ran very comprehensive tests, which showed appalling deficiencies in my immune system, he also tested my vitamin and mineral levels, my thyroid gland etc. My treatment started on my second day there and within a few days the results were back.

I had four hyperthermia sessions whereby a fever was induced by lying on a bed of infrared lights. My temperature reached 39.1. I was carefully monitored throughout the session and could have sips of water and I was mopped down with cold flannels, which provided immense relief.

I had three ozone treatments whereby blood was taken out, mixed with oxygen and then fed back into me via a drip.

Everyday I also had infusions of various vitamins and minerals, which I was lacking in. One of the things, which I liked most about the treatment, is that Dr Gorter tries to keep things as chemical-free as possible. He used a lot of homeopathic remedies and explained to me what was in the infusions and how that would help me.

The treatment lasted for two weeks and I could feel improvements while I was there. After my first hyperthermia session I felt very groggy and dizzy but by the third I was able to walk around the supermarket before walking back to my hotel.

I found the whole experience to be very positive and would wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody. Dr Gorter is a wonderful, kind, intelligent man who is very generous with his time. He answered 15 emails in one evening personally. The staff in the clinic can organise hotel accommodation and are very helpful in every way. I am feeling improvements all of the time and am so delighted to be on the road to recovery.

Within a week of returning home, Dr Gorter had sent me a report to give to my doctor and a copy of all the test results and his recommendations regarding medication, vitamins etc.

I may have to return to clinic after 3-6 months for a top-up treatment of one week's duration but this is not always necessary. Dr Gorter cannot guarantee that his patients will fully recover but he told me that the majority of the patients he has treated have recovered to 90% of pre-illness health.

July 2004